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A.P. – A2

The meaning of nursing abbreviations may vary depending on where you live. We do not endorse usage of any abbreviations/jargons. Do not use the information found on this site when dealing with real patients.


· apical pulse

A.S.A. or ASA

· American Society of Anesthesiologists
· acetylsalicylic acid

A.S.A.1 or ASA1

· normal healthy patient

A.S.A.2 or ASA2

· patient with mild systemic disease

A.S.A.3 or ASA3

· patient with severe systemic disease

A.S.A.4 or ASA4

· patient with incapacitating systemic disease that is constant threat to life


· Ascheim-Zondek test


· albumin globulin ratio (blood)


· alert and oriented


· aortic second sound

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