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Nursing-Resource.com is a free medical resource site for nurses, however, we do pay for hosting expenses and we need financial support in order to continue. This is why we sell ad spaces on the site.

Currently, Nursing-Resource.com supports Sidebar, Post Header and End of Post ads, Leader board ads, and interstitial ads, with each at varying costs. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sidebar Ads

Your ad will be displayed usually within the third widget or box (from top to bottom) found on all site pages. Sizes of these ads also vary depending on how much adspace you consume.

Within 250×250 – This can be displayed as a text or a banner. Banner within 250×250 costs $25/month.

Beyond 250×250 – Every 250×250 box costs $25 dollars. We do not allow ads longer than the width of 250 but if you choose to extend the height of the banner, you are charge an additional $25 for every 250px height extension. For example, if you wanted an add as big as three banners (ie. 250×750), then you have to pay us $75 a month.

Post Headers Ads

Your ad will be displayed before every post on every page of the site. We only allow one ad space for this content because we do not want to interrupt our readers reading experience. This ad space will easily let your ad get noticed. This adspace costs $30/month.

End of Posts Ads

Your ads will be displayed at the very end of every post (except news feeds). This only costs $20/month.

Interstitial Ads

Interstitial ads appear usually on page load and may target only specific users and must appear not too frequently for every unique IP. This may appear in a form of a box that blocks the screen for awhile but should have a close button, giving users the option to close the ad box. This costs $40/month.


We could lend you the leaderboard which may be as wide as 780 and not exceeding 80px in height. This costs $35/month.

If you wish to advertise with us, contact us now.

NOTE: You also need to abide with our advertising policy, failure to do so will result to removal of your ads and your payment forfeited. See our Advertising Policy.

Let us design your banner

Now, assuming you have no banner of your own but wanted your ads to have one. We could make it for you for an additional $5. Nursing-Resource.com is affiliated with a Web Designers network, and we could find artists to do the job. Larger and more complicated banners also costs bigger. Contact us for more details.