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BD Diagnostics Launches The BD Protect(TM) Infection Surveillance And Prevention Software Portfolio

BD Diagnostics, a segment of BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company), announced the launch of the BD Protect™ Infection Surveillance and Data Management System, a portfolio of healthcare management software solutions that tracks infections and helps prevent their transmission at three levels — from patient to patient, between patients and healthcare workers, and from community sources to healthcare settings.

“This strategic expansion of BD’s portfolio enables us to provide a set of integrated information solutions to clinicians striving to reduce the incidence and transmission of infections in their facilities,” said Philippe Jacon, President of BD Diagnostics Diagnostic Systems. “It is a natural complement to our rapid molecular and chromogenic assays for detection and diagnosis of these infectious organisms.”

“Preventing the spread of infections is becoming more challenging each day,” said Tracy Gustafson, M.D., Worldwide Director, Infection Prevention Software Development and Medical Affairs, BD Diagnostics Diagnostic Systems. “The problem is magnified by global travel, new and more dangerous microbes, overuse and misuse of antibiotics, healthcare staffing cuts, and risks to immuno-compromised patients. The BD Protect system provides actionable information that assists infection prevention professionals in making timely decisions.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has identified healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) as one of the top 10 causes of death in the United States.(see link) Designed by CDC-trained epidemiologists, the BD Protect system addresses multiple issues confronting healthcare administrators and public health officers, including the transmission of multidrug-resistant organisms in healthcare settings and escalating costs related to HAIs.

The portfolio includes three modules. BD Protect™ Infection Prevention targets reduction of HAIs in patients. BD Protect™ Healthcare Worker Safety monitors employee vaccinations, testing, in-service education, injuries and illnesses to protect both employees and patients.

BD Protect™ Syndromic Surveillance continuously analyzes emergency department patient data for reportable diseases and symptoms that could signal a possible community outbreak. It also can be used at a Health Department to collect and analyze community-wide data from multiple hospitals.

With assistance from the complete BD Protect portfolio, infection preventionists can identify, control and help prevent infections in patients, employees and the community. The software also analyzes length of stay, isolation days and infection costs and supports antibiotic stewardship, enabling hospitals to reduce expenses while providing better patient care.

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