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Nursing / Midwifery

New study reveals how nurse staffing levels link to patient outcomes

A new study investigating the links between variations in patient wellbeing and how registered nurses deliver care to their patients, has been published in the BMJ Open. Read More

Replacing professional nurses with nursing assistants linked to heightened death risk

Odds rise by 21% for each substitution per 25 patients, large European study reveals. Read More

Sepsis deaths fell dramatically after hospital implemented simple steps

Hospital cuts sepsis deaths by 40 percent after introducing relatively simple steps such as increased ward nurse training and a special observation chart. Read More

Intimate partner violence simulation training at MU is first in nation

Intimate partner violence (IPV), has become a prevalent health care issue. Instances of assault, battery, rape, stalking and emotional abuse in relationships can be difficult for nurses to handle… Read More

Higher nurse to patient ratio linked to reduced risk of inpatient death

Death rates 20 per cent lower in hospitals with 6 or fewer patients per registered nurse. Read More

Management style affects quality of care and retention among nurses

A recent study shows that encouraging nurses to work towards a collective goal within a supportive milieu – a style of management called transformational leadership – can have positive effects on… Read More

Evidence-based health care: the care you want, but might not be getting – study reveals one reason hospitals struggle with quality, safety and costs

As hospital leaders continue to feel pressure to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs, a new study reveals one reason why many organizations fall short. Read More

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