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Medical News Today: Working abroad as a doctor: What to know before you go

Does experiencing a new culture sound enticing? The adventure of a lifetime awaits, but working abroad is not for everyone. Find out if it is for you. Read More

Medical News Today: Did I understand you correctly, doc?

Chronic disease patients are often unaware of their potential health complications. How can doctors ensure that their patients know and understand these? Read More

Medical News Today: Three things you need to know when your patient is a doctor

Providing medical care for fellow physicians can be challenging. We bring you tips on how to navigate this situation, with clear communication being key. Read More

Medical News Today: The top five social media tools for physicians

Using social media allows doctors to connect with colleagues and patients. We show you which platforms are best and how to get started. Read More

Medical News Today: Personal branding for doctors: Being yourself can enhance your practice

Make the most of how others perceive you by consciously defining and actively managing your brand. Find out how to get started in this article. Read More

Medical News Today: Six mindfulness techniques for physicians

Can mindfulness help doctors to cope with the unprecedented pressures they face? We explain how to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine. Read More

Medical News Today: Dr. Mom: How do female doctors balance family during holidays?

To help get into the festive spirit, MNT have spoken with two female physicians about the challenges and rewards of working during the holidays. Read More

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