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Psychology / Psychiatry

Medical News Today: Caring for a sick pet can increase anxiety, depression

A pioneering study looks at the impact of caregiver burden among owners of sick animals. The results point to elevated stress and poorer quality of life. Read More

Medical News Today: Does music make men more attractive?

A new study looks at whether or not music can influence our perception of the opposite sex. Scientists suggest that women may be more susceptible than men. Read More

Medical News Today: Maladaptive daydreaming: Symptoms and management

What is maladaptive daydreaming? In this article, learn about the diagnosis for maladaptive daydreaming, how it is treated, and how it is managed. Read More

Medical News Today: Flat affect: Psychological symptoms and treatment

Flat affect is characterized by a lack of reaction to emotional stimuli, and can include a monotone voice or lack of expression in the face. Learn more. Read More

Medical News Today: Could hunger be a trick of the mind?

New research explores the link between perception and states of hunger, suggesting that how much you think you’ve eaten may influence your calorie intake. Read More

Medical News Today: Are you a daydream driver? Most likely, study finds

Researchers have found that around 70 percent of drivers’ time behind the wheel is spent mind wandering. Could this represent a driving hazard? Read More

Medical News Today: Dissociative fugue: Symptoms, causes, and treatment

In this article, learn about dissociative fugue. What is dissociative fugue and how is it diagnosed? What may be the complications and how is it treated? Read More

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