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‘Dead’ woman comes back to life

A woman pronounced dead by doctors in Colombia has been rushed back to the hospital after a funeral home worker saw her move while preparing her body.

Noelia Serna was admitted to a Cali hospital on Monday after suffering a heart attack and was on life support before doctors declared her dead.

Speaking from the hospital, Dr. Miguel Angel Saavedra said the 45-year-old showed no vital signs: “The electronic devices that she was connected to showed that there was no heartbeat nor arterial tension. Because of that, the respiratory therapist performed a test when she removed the respirator and the patient could not breath on her own. Sadly she was declared deceased.”

Funeral home worker Jaime Aullon told reporters: “I stopped the process. And as soon as I stopped I started looking at her whole body and I noticed her midsection moving. I placed my hand here (pointing to his nose and mouth) and I felt her breathing. I told my partner that she should go back to hospital because she is alive.”

It is being speculated that it could be a case of what is known as Lazarus Syndrome, a rare condition where heart rate and breathing drop below measurable levels before returning.