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IELTS Practice Test 2


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[restrictedarea]Section 2

Questions 11-14: Complete the sentences below, using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer. Play the Audio Player and listen carefully.

11 Dormouse numbers have fallen ____________________ as well as in the UK.
12 Dormice are about as heavy as two ________________________.
13 You are most likely to have seen a dormouse in a _____________________________.
14 In the UK, dormice probably live in hedges and woods, and next to _________________________.

Questions 15-17: Label the identification sheet below.
Write the correct letter A-E next to questions 15-17.

15 opened by woodmice ___________________
16 opened by voles ____________________
17 opened by dormice ___________________

Questions 18-20: Complete the summary below, using NO MORE THAN ONE WORD in each space.

If you find nuts opened by dormice 18 __________________ where you found them. Put them into some kind of 19 ___________________ and 20 ____________________ them (name and address). Post them to Action for Wildlife.


See Answer Key


IELTS Exam Audio 2 (Use with IELTS Test 2)
IELTS Test 2
IELTS Test 2 Answer Key[/restrictedarea]

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