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IELTS Practice Test 3


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[restrictedarea]Section 3

Questions 21-26: Which website has the following features? Play the Audio Player and listen carefully.

A. Hills Cycles website
B. Wheels Unlimited website
C. both websites

Write the correct letter, A, B, or C next to questions 21-26.

21 bicycle catalogue _________________
22 price list _________________
23 bicycle accessories _________________
24 company history _________________
25 online ordering _________________
26 moving graphics _________________

Questions 27-30: Choose the correct letter, A, B, or C.

27 According to the tutor, the basic criterion for evaluating the website should relate to
A. appearance.
B. ease of use.
C. target customers.

28 On the subject of timing, the tutor says
A. the student’s plan is appropriate.
B. the student’s presentation will be too long.
C. the students can extend the presentation if necessary.

29 Sarah and jack will share the work by
A. speaking in short turns.
B. doing half the presentation each.
C. managing different aspects.

30 The tutor advises Sarah and Jack not to
A. talk too much.
B. show complicated lists.
C. use a lot of visuals.


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IELTS Test 3
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