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IELTS Practice Test 4


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[restrictedarea]Section 4

Questions 31-37: Answer the questions below.
Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer. Play the Audio Player and listen carefully.

31 Which elephants stay together all their life?
32 What are elephant family groups known as?
33 When scientists tracked groups of elephants, which feature of behaviour did they notice?
34 Which sense do elephants probably use to communicate over long distances?
35 What did American scientists do with a recording of elephant calls?
36 What did the elephants in the experiment rush to find?
37 What were scientists unable to do with the recording they had made?

Questions 38-40: What does the lecturer say about each type of elephant call?
Choose your answers from the box, and write the letters A-G next to questions 38-40.

A. cannot be heard by humans at all
B. is usually accompanied by a leg movement
C. begins and ends at the same pitch
D. is usually accompanied by a nod of the head
E. continuously increases in pitch
F. is repeated over a long period
G. continually fluctuates in volume

38 Greeting __________________
39 Contact call ___________________
40 Summons to move on ___________________


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IELTS Exam Audio 4 (Use with IELTS Test 4)
IELTS Test 4
IELTS Test 4 Answer Key[/restrictedarea]

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