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List of Nursing Pioneers

Throughout the years, nurses deliver nursing care to numerous people in need of medical attention. They’ve nurse people back to health, but this would not be possible if not because of nursing pioneers who have kept the profession alive, and bolstered its status to new heights. Nursing Pioneers are those special people who help spread the nursing profession, and educated other nurses in order to meet the growing demands of nursing. We have recorded some of them in our database for the purpose of easy access every time their information is sought. There are three sources of information here on our site – Site, Wikipedia and Advance Search. Site will draw information from our database; Wikipedia will draw information from Wikipedia, the internet’s largest encyclopedia; while Advance Search will query the search engine to look for information online.


Dix, Dorothea Lynde – [Site | Wikipedia | Advance Search]


Hall, Lydia Eloise – [Site | Wikipedia | Advance Search]


Nightingale, Florence – [Site | Wikipedia | Advance Search]


Peplau, Hildegard – [Site | Wikipedia | Advance Search]