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Medical News Today: Fitness, not physical activity, mitigates negative effects of prolonged sitting

Physical activity has numerous health benefits. However, a new study suggests that fitness, not physical activity, reduces cardiovascular risk factors. Read More

Medical News Today: Hunger ‘not linked to calorie intake’

A review of more than 460 studies finds that there is no solid link between how hungry we feel and the amount of calories we consume. Read More

Medical News Today: Diabetes risk doubles with more than two soft drinks daily

People who consume more than two soft drinks a day – even those with artificial sweeteners – are twice as likely to develop diabetes, a new study shows. Read More

Medical News Today: Nose cells could help repair damaged knee cartilage

Doctors report – 2 years post-transplantation – improvements in most of 10 patients with damaged knees repaired with cartilage grown from their nose cells. Read More

Medical News Today: Milia: Types, Symptoms, and Treatment

Milia are common in newborn children but can also affect adults. What are milia, what are the symptoms to look out for, and how is it treated? Read More

Medical News Today: Schizophrenia risk increased with alcohol, drug abuse

The links between schizophrenia and drug abuse are a hotly debated topic. A new Danish study casts their net wide and gleams new insight. Read More

Medical News Today: Childhood cancer survivors with poor diet at risk of chronic illness

A new study has found that adults who had childhood cancer are likely to have poor nutrition, which could increase the risk of chronic disease. Read More

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