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Medical News Today: Why does dieting not work? Study sheds light

A new mouse study finds a neuroscientific explanation for why limiting the amount of food we eat may have no effect on our weight. Read More

Medical News Today: Pain in left arm: Possible causes, other symptoms, and treatment

Learn about the possible causes of left arm pain, including angina, skeletomuscular injury, and heart attack. When should you see a doctor? Read More

Medical News Today: Eczema herpeticum: Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment

What is eczema, what is the herpes simplex virus, and what is eczema herpeticum? Learn about the treatments available and how it may be prevented. Read More

Medical News Today: Latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction: What to expect

The latissimus dorsi muscle is sometimes used for breast reconstruction surgery. Learn more about preparation, side effects, and recovery in this article. Read More

Medical News Today: Fathers more responsive to toddler daughters than sons

Fathers of daughters discuss emotions more openly and are more attentive and responsive to their child’s needs than fathers of sons, finds new research. Read More

Medical News Today: Airborne diseases: Types, prevention, and symptoms

In this article, learn about the most common types of airborne diseases, how they spread, and what steps you can take to prevent them. Read More

Medical News Today: Statins may improve heart structure, function

Study suggests that people who use statins are less likely to have a thickened heart muscle and an enlarged heart – both risk factors for heart disease. Read More

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