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Nursing Practice Tests

Nursing quizzes are meant to determine how much you’ve learned or grasped while you were studying nursing. Our nursing exams here are designed to serve as practice tests, they cover almost all aspects of nursing and medicine, and some of them are mixed. Taking mixed compilation exams are less predictable, and more difficult. So before taking the tests, we advise you to review all your lessons on all nursing subjects in order to get a passing score.

These nursing practice tests are ideal for NCLEX nursing takers and other Nursing Licensure Examination takers. But note that they are more likely NCLEX-based.


Our database contains different type of questionnaires. All questions are in multiple choice and have four or more choices to choose from. To choose an answer, click on the button of the correct answer. After filling up all the questions, you may submit your questionnaire. This will generate the result for the examination, and will show a rationale for the answers.

You may choose a test questionnaire among our growing database.

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Nursing Practice Test

Nursing Practice Test 1: 100 Items Mixed Compilation with Rationale
Nursing Practice Test 2: 100 Items Mixed Compilation with Rationale
Nursing Practice Test 3: 100 Items Mixed Compilation with Rationale

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