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RCN Comments On Job Cuts In London

Responding to reports that almost 1000 posts could be lost at St. George’s Hospital in Tooting and Kingston Hospital, Royal College of Nursing Chief Executive & General Secretary Dr. Peter Carter said:

“There is no way on earth that the loss of almost 1000 posts will not affect frontline care for patients. This is yet another example of short-term, ill-advised thinking by some Trusts that is jeopardizing care and destroying morale within the NHS. The gulf between the rhetoric of protecting the frontline and what is actually happening in hospital wards and community services is widening by the day.

“We know that many Trusts are facing financial difficulties but they need to fully engage and take NHS staff with them through these challenges. Slashing jobs and bed numbers on this scale is not the answer. We identified in November that 27,000 NHS posts were earmarked to be lost across the UK. Given recent developments, it seems obvious that this figure is only increasing. Back in November, the Department of Health issued a bland press statement saying it does not recognize our figures. Today’s announcement confirms our view that these cuts are real.”

Royal College of Nursing (RCN)

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