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Sanomedics Supports Haiti Relief With Significant Medical Equipment Donation

Sanomedics International Holdings (Pink Sheets: SIMH) announced a significant donation to Haiti earthquake relief efforts today, consisting of over $35,000 worth of the company’s Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers. Working with the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, who will be providing immediate air shipment to Haiti and in-country distribution, Sanomedics hopes this donation will assist medical personnel identify potential disease outbreaks as quickly as possible.

The Sanomedics Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer can take a patient’s temperature in less than one second, without requiring physical contact. With proven accuracy comparable to any contact temperature method, Sanomedics’ non-contact products can help limit potential germ spread from patient to patient.

“The situation in Haiti is rapidly evolving, with an increasing possibility of a disease outbreak at any time,” stated Keith Houlihan, CEO of Sanomedics. “Accurate temperature scans, without spreading germs, is a first line of defense in dealing with a situation of such magnitude. Sanomedics looks forward to working with the University of Miami in distributing our equipment as quickly as possible, and helping the people of Haiti any way we can.”

“We sincerely appreciate Sanomedics’ contribution to the Haitian relief efforts, and their devices will be put to immediate use within the affected areas,” said Arthur Fournier, M.D., Professor of Family Medicine and Internal Medicine, Vice-Chairman of Family Medicine and Associate Dean for Community Health at the Miller School. “We look forward to continuing to work with Sanomedics as the situation continues to evolve.”

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