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Sterile Gauze

Sterile Gauze

A Sterile Gauze is an absorbent medical pad. It is manufactured to accommodate every possible type of wound that may require it. It is also designed for different purposes. Some products are specifically created to add cushioning by use of a wider weave, while others feature a tight weave to increase absorbency.


It is used for absorbing fluids as well as dressing and protecting wounds, but there are many different applications for sterile gauze. Doctors and dentists often use it to absorb fluids during a variety of procedures. A dentist may use rolls of gauze to absorb excess saliva and blood while doing such work. After a dental patient has a tooth extracted, the area may be packed with gauze to protect the wound and absorb blood.

When used to keep a wound free of dirt, it is very important to also keep the gauze clean. Sanitary gauze acts as a barrier to prevent contaminants from entering the area.

Gauze can also absorb any blood or fluids that seep out of the wound. This will help prevent damage to clothing or the contamination of other objects.

Most wounds also need to be protected, and sterile gauze provides a cushioned barrier against the elements and any impact to the area. There are gauze rolls that are manufactured just for this purpose. Sterile padding roll gauze, in particular, can create a cushioned layer of protection.


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