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lung cancer

Medical News Today: Cancer: Some immune cells found to give tumors a helping hand

A study shows that neutrophils, a type of immune cell, work with the protein Snail to maintain a microenvironment that favors tumor growth in lung cancer. Read More

Medical News Today: Lung cancer in women: Signs and symptoms

Recent research has suggested that lung cancer affects women differently to men. We look at the types, their causes, symptoms, treatments, and outlook. Read More

Medical News Today: Immunotherapy for lung cancer: What you need to know

What is immunotherapy for lung cancer and how does it work? Learn about the benefits, risks, and side effects. What is the future for immunotherapy? Read More

Medical News Today: Lung cancer and cough: What is the connection?

In this article, we look at the connection between coughing and lung cancer, including the causes of coughing, symptoms of lung cancer, and treatments. Read More

Medical News Today: Single molecule determines lung cancer cell death

A new study finds that one molecule is key to whether or not particular lung cancer cells respond to chemotherapy and undergo programmed cell death. Read More

Medical News Today: Small cell lung cancer: Cause of treatment resistance discovered

Small cell lung cancer returns post-therapy because circulating tumor cells that were previously sensitive to chemotherapy form chemo-resistant complexes. Read More

Medical News Today: Suicide risk elevated among lung cancer patients

Suicide rates among lung cancer patients are significantly higher than the general population and people with breast, prostate, and colorectal cancers. Read More

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