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Medical News Today: What is a hemicolectomy? Uses and procedure

In this article, learn about a hemicolectomy, including how to prepare and what to expect during recovery. How is it performed and what are the risks? Read More

Medical News Today: Marsupialization: What to expect

What is marsupialization and when is it used? Learn about possible complications, when to see a doctor about a cyst, and alternative treatments. Read More

Medical News Today: Whipple procedure: Risks, benefits, and how to prepare

The Whipple procedure is a complex operation sometimes used to treat pancreatic cancer. Learn about the benefits and risks of the Whipple procedure. Read More

Medical News Today: Checklist program reduced large-scale post-surgery deaths

After voluntary introduction of a WHO surgical checklist for reducing avoidable risks in 14 hospitals, there was a significant drop in post-surgery deaths. Read More

Medical News Today: Appendicitis: Antibiotics could be alternative to surgery for children

Evidence review shows antibiotics could be a safe alternative to surgery in children with appendicitis and calls for large randomized trials to confirm it. Read More

Medical News Today: Dr. Olga Jonasson: Competency defeats gender bias

We look at how Dr. Olga Jonasson – America’s first woman to head a surgical department – helped shape leadership opportunities for today’s female surgeons. Read More

Medical News Today: AC/DC impairs male gaming performance

Men who plan on playing games against women over the holiday season should avoid listening to AC/DC like the plague – as should surgeons. Read More

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