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Wolf Clip

Wolf (hulka) Clip

The Hulka clip (a.k.a. Wolf Clip) was approved for use in the United States in the 1970’s and was invented in Chapel Hill, North Carolina by Dr. Jaroslav Hulka at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The Hulka clip is a small, gold plated stainless steel spring loaded clip. The clip in introduced into the abdominal cavity via a laparoscopic clip applicator. When the clip is placed across the fallopian tube, it is closed and a small spring holds the clip firmly across the tube. The Hulka clip has the advantage of damaging only a very small portion of the fallopian tube- approximately 7mm (the thickness of three quarters stacked on each other).

The Hulka clip causes bilateral tubal occlusion by squeezing a very small portion of the tube. The squeezed portion is deprived of its blood supply and eventually undergoes avascular necrosis (dies and is absorbed by the body). This causes the fallopian tube to be divided in half and the two ends to close up. The Hulka clip is held in place between the two divided tubal segments by a small amount of scar tissue which forms within the clip.


Used in Tubal Ligation.

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