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Filshie Clip

Filshie Clip

Filshie Clip

Filshie Clip is a small, hinged titanium clip lined with a soft silastic rubber. It is a little less than ½” long and approximately 1/8″ wide when in the closed position.

Uses and Application

Filshie Clip is used in Tubal Ligation. The device is smaller than a penny and designed to occlude the tube with minimal destruction. It is made of titanium with a silicone rubber lining, which expands to keep the tube compressed as it flattens. Using a customized applicator, the surgeon half closes the upper jaw to insert the applicator and clip though a cannula or operating laparoscope. When the surgeon releases the finger bar, the applicator and clip reopen and can be used as soft-nosed forceps to pick up the tube and examine the placement site. Once satisfied that the clip is positioned correctly, the surgeon squeezes the finger bar to its full limit. The clip is released automatically from the applicator and locked onto the tube. Ideally, the clip is applied across the isthmus, leaving an equal amount of tube on either side.

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