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Mayo Scissor

Mayo Scissor

Mayo scissors are heavy-duty surgical scissors with narrowed but blunt pointed blades, which may be straight or curved.


They may be made from stainless steel or titanium and have a polished or brushed finish. Mayo scissors are available in standard or extra-long sizes.

The Mayo style of surgical scissors has semi-blunt ends. Although the ends are the same on both scissor halves, this isn’t the case with many other medical scissors. The Metzenbaum surgical scissor also has matching ends and is close in style to Mayo scissors, but its handles are longer. The Metzenbaum’s middle section is slightly narrower as well.


Straight-bladed Mayo scissors are designed for cutting body tissues near the surface of the wound. As the straight Mayo scissor is also used for cutting sutures, or stitches, it’s also sold as suture scissors. Many surgeons use separate pairs of straight-bladed Mayo scissors for tissue and suture cutting since using the scissor on sutures tends to dull its blades.

Curved-bladed Mayo scissor styles allow deeper penetration into the wound than the type with straight blades. The curved style of Mayo scissor is used to cut thick tissues such as those found in the uterus, muscles, breast and foot. Mayo scissors used for dissection are placed in tissue with the tips closed. The scissors are then opened so that the tips open and spread out the tissue during the dissection process.

Mayo scissors are especially associated with cutting fascia. Fascia is a tri-layered, connective tissue located between skin and muscles.

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